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Finalist - Launch Pad Prose Competition

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Maxy Award Finalist - Best Science Fiction

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Literary Titan Award Winner
CLC Award for Best Dystopian Thriller
The Wall

It’s 2099, and the former United States of America is in the midst of another civil war. In the explosive wake of a revolutionary technology that grants people a second chance at life, an impenetrable wall divides the prosperous nation of Zion from the slums of Middle America. Stuck inside the wall and desperate to reunite with his fiancée, contraband smuggler Asher is hell-bent on finding a way out.

When his uncle offers him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Asher is faced with an impossible task: impersonate a talented Zion soldier and risk his life in the Canonization – a brutal gladiator duel against a champion who never loses.

Plunged into a deadly game of secrets and forced to hide his true identity, Asher must find a way to defeat an unbeatable opponent and win his one true love. But reuniting with her is only the beginning. When Asher is roped into joining the Defiance, he quickly finds himself caught up in the middle of a terrifying rebellion that will decide the fate of both sides of The Wall.

Asher thought the second life policy was outlawed. But the truth is far more sinister. Can he expose Zion’s corruption and bring its evil leaders to their knees? Or will he abandon his own people and win immortality at a terrible price?

As an explosive and futuristic sci-fi adventure that artfully weaves together high-octane action and heart-stopping romance, The Wall is an unforgettable YA dystopia that’s perfect for fans of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Dune.

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The Fall - Coming Soon

Book 2 in The Wall trilogy.


Ten years later. Sarai leads Zion West as Prime Servant. Asher commands its army against the growing threats of Zion East's burgeoning military as Renatus's power continues to grow. But when Renatus finds out Asher and Sarai's son has the same disorder as his "wounded prince", he kidnaps him for his LifeCell in an effort to resurrect his own son. As Sarai tries to hang on to power, Asher does everything in his power to save their son.

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The Rise - Coming Soon

Book 3 in The Wall trilogy.  See how it all ends.

Spec scripts

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Logline:  A secret Government crime solving division clones America’s most wanted terrorist to be able to get into his mind and his memories to predict his future actions while being teamed up with the CIA Agent who has been hunting him for years.

Nicholl Screenwriting semi-finalist.

Status: Available.

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One Minute to Midnight

Logline:  An action thriller in the vein of THE ROCK about an ex-CIA analyst turned Cold War professor who is recruited by the Pentagon and teamed with a former Russian spy and long-time federal prisoner to track down nuclear bombs buried on US soil during the Cold War before a splinter faction of KGB terrorists do.

Nicholl Screenwriting Quarter-Finalist.

Status: Available.

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Logline:  When a retired black-ops Agent is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he is recruited by an unknown wing of the CIA to go on one last suicide mission.But once he learns his diagnosis was false, he must uncover a deeper conspiracy before he is found by the men who hired him.

Status: Available.

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